Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Two

This week’s challenge for Project Quilting was to make a quilted project entirely out of things that had a previous life as something else, and it needed to include at least two things that were not meant to be used on a quilt or clothing. Here were my materials: Image

I used the fabrics from the crib skirt that I made for my oldest kiddo (and we stopped using when it started collecting dust under the crib). My wedding bouquet is getting old and had started falling apart–I wanted to save the pieces and make something special out of them. And then I also used the rock and stick collection that we gradually accumulate as the boys bring them in after playing outside.

This is the finished project: Image

Since I have to give it a name, I’m calling it “Happily Ever After”. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a little hand quilted heart in the bottom corner. It’s going to go up in our master bedroom.