Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Three

This week’s challenge for Project Quilting was to choose one or more candies as inspiration and make a “quilt” project from it/them. (Where “quilt” includes a project with patchwork, appliqué, or three layers stitched together.) My candy inspirations were Jolly Ranchers for the colours, and Sweethearts for the appliqué shape. My “quilt” was actually a toddler dress. I’ve been itching to make one for a friend for a while, but have never gotten around to it. I LOVE that I can use these challenges to be creative AND cross things off of my list of things I want to try out, even if these aren’t really quilts in the traditional sense of the word.



Appliqué on the side:


Back (with appliqué under the straps–I love how they kind of look like buttons):


This was my first time sewing an article of clothing, which meant that it was my first time using a gathering stitch, making button holes, and paying really close attention to the pattern and directions. The sewing was much easier than I anticipated. (Which was good, considering that life had other plans than letting me sew this week.) I struggled a bit with trying to figure out how to make it a “quilt” without losing the simplicity of the dress, and still keeping the candy theme. I’m very happy with how it turned out.