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March Finish

At the beginning of March I made a goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes challenge to get two small quilts hanging on the wall (i.e., sewing the sleeve on the back of each quilt and physically hanging it on the wall).


Sleeves on.


And on the wall.

 DSC_0035 1DSC_0036 1

The venture quilt is hanging in our kids’ reading corner. The upcycled quilt made from pieces of my wedding bouquet is hanging in our master bedroom. Although we have a couple of lovely quilts that were given to us a gifts hanging up, these are the first ever of my own quilts that I’ve hung.



Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Six

This week’s Project Quilting challenge had to include triangles. I made a bookmark.


In terms of technique, this was the messiest thing I have ever made. This is somewhat (accidentally) symbolic, as my life is feeling very messy right now. We  got some really sad/overwhelming news that we’re trying to process, and I’m a little distracted. I was considering passing on this week’s challenge, but I had completed the first five challenges and I wanted finish the season. So something small and imperfect was the way to go this week. There was supposed to be a triangle at the bottom of the pieced front, but… it didn’t work out. So all of the triangles are in the quilting.  Other mindless errors included sewing ALL the way around the bookmark with the right sides together, in preparation for turning it right side out. Oops. I kind of love how messy it is–it will definitely be a keepsake for when we get through the things we need to get through in the next little while.

Made in Ontario, Canada. Size: 8×1 inches.

Grocery Store

Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Five.

This weeks Project Quilting challenge was to pick three things from a grocery store as inspiration. Mine were:
1. The pharmacy. Someone I love has been strugglng with health problems lately, and has been on my heart and mind a lot over the past week. This quilt was made for that person. (Christmas present, maybe?)
2. The floral department. There are often helium butterfly balloons floating around for special occasions. Hence, the 3D butterflies coming off the quilt. Butterflies are also really special to me, so this was also a chance to put some of my heart on the quilt
3. The stationary aisle overflowing with Crayola boxes. The person I made this quilt for is an artist. I had been wanting to do a colour wheel quilt as a gift for a while, and this was a nice excuse.


I’m calling the quilt “Grace” because all of the different meanings of the word fit right now. It’s about 18 x 18 inches and I made it in Ontario Canada.

March Goal

I had troubles deciding what to tackle for my Lovely Year of Finishes March goal. Do I try to get the velcro diapers converted to snaps? How about the cloth diaper wipes that I have fabric for, but haven’t managed to cut and finish? Or the various baskets I keep meaning to make to store stuff that tends to live in the living room (e.g., sewing stuff, diapers kit, duplo)? Maybe I should I try to sew my oldest kiddo’s spring sweater (which he picked out the fabrics for last night), so that it’s ready when spring (eventually) arrives?

In the end I decided to go lighter this month. I have a TON on my plate right now in terms of academic stuff (sigh), and I’m hoping to complete the last two Project Quilting challenges over the next three weeks. So… this month my goal is to hang the two wall hangings I have completed for Project Quitling: this  and this.



This means putting a sleeve on the back of each quilt (something I have never ever done), and physically hanging the quilt on the wall. This is a small goal, but without purposefully planning to do it, it will never get done and these quilts will live folded in a nice pile (in my living room, taunting me) forever. Also, I’m not entirely sure that I actually have time for this as it is, so small and hopeful is the only way to go with goals this month.