Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Six

This week’s Project Quilting challenge had to include triangles. I made a bookmark.


In terms of technique, this was the messiest thing I have ever made. This is somewhat (accidentally) symbolic, as my life is feeling very messy right now. We  got some really sad/overwhelming news that we’re trying to process, and I’m a little distracted. I was considering passing on this week’s challenge, but I had completed the first five challenges and I wanted finish the season. So something small and imperfect was the way to go this week. There was supposed to be a triangle at the bottom of the pieced front, but… it didn’t work out. So all of the triangles are in the quilting.  Other mindless errors included sewing ALL the way around the bookmark with the right sides together, in preparation for turning it right side out. Oops. I kind of love how messy it is–it will definitely be a keepsake for when we get through the things we need to get through in the next little while.

Made in Ontario, Canada. Size: 8×1 inches.