At the start of July my Lovely Year of Finishes goal was to make a stack of cloth diaper wipes from old flannel pajamas. Unfortunately, my 1-month old ended up back in the hospital for emergency surgery early in the month, and my life kind of fell to pieces for much of the month. (She’s home and doing very well now, thankfully.) Thus, I did very little again this month. But not to worry, this month my goal was completed for me by my mother-in-law, who spent a day making over five dozen cloth wipes for my little girl’s tushy. (Thank you!!!!) Not only are they super soft, but they look pretty too.


My mother-in-law also got me started on my June goal (which was to convert our diaper convers from velcro to snaps), by removing all of the worn out velcro with the seamripper. I hate ripping stitches out, so this was also much appreciated. I finished the conversion by putting on the snaps.


This month was a nice lesson in asking for and accepting help. Because sometimes having a project done is more important than doing it all myself.