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December Finish

At the beginning of the month I made a Lovely Year of Finishes goal to complete a set of 12 bibs to give to my Little Miss for Christmas. She is 6 months old and just starting solids. After the messiness of her two older brothers, we are woefully understocked in terms of bibs.

This was my fastest finish this year! I used this pattern to work from (but omitted the food-catching snaps–at least for now).


My 4-year old took a keen interest in “helping” with the bibs, and he was quite eager to rush from one stage to the next. He helped choose which fabrics went together (I won all of the food fabrics as part of the Project Quilting Season 5 Grocery Store Challenge last year), worked the pedal while I sewed up a few of the bibs, and picked out which colour of snaps to add to each bib (typically this resulted in multicolour snaps). I also had a chance to practice my free-motion quilting (which still needs a LOT of practice).


Now to keep the Little Miss semi-clean until Christmas…


December Goal

My December Lovely Year of Finishes goal is to complete a set of 12 bibs for my Little Miss. Since she’s my third kiddo and we have more than enough toys, but my boys were super messy eaters and wore out our supply of bibs before she could get to them, she’s getting a brand new homemade set of bibs for Christmas. I found these fabrics (which I won as part of Project Quilting last year) in my stash, and thought they would be pretty much perfect for this project.


Thus far I have cut and sewn together seven of the twelve, and of these I have quilted three. I still have five to start, and the rest still need to be quilted and/or have snaps put on.