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Little Miss Sunshine

Project Quilting: Season 6, Challenge 2

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Don’t you know dear, how much I love you? Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

This week’s Project Quilting challenge had to be inspired by “sunrise/sunset“. I had very (VERY!) little time to sew this week, so I made a baby bib (I seem to be stuck on bibs lately) for my Little Miss Sunshine during the boys’ nap time this afternoon.


I love quick and easy projects. I used strips from a jelly role to make this small project even quicker (no cutting up fabric into the right sizes!). The colours (reds/oranges on one side, blues on the other) are reminiscent of the sunrise/sunset skies. Pieced and quilted in Ontario, Canada.


Grocery Store

Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Five.

This weeks Project Quilting challenge was to pick three things from a grocery store as inspiration. Mine were:
1. The pharmacy. Someone I love has been strugglng with health problems lately, and has been on my heart and mind a lot over the past week. This quilt was made for that person. (Christmas present, maybe?)
2. The floral department. There are often helium butterfly balloons floating around for special occasions. Hence, the 3D butterflies coming off the quilt. Butterflies are also really special to me, so this was also a chance to put some of my heart on the quilt
3. The stationary aisle overflowing with Crayola boxes. The person I made this quilt for is an artist. I had been wanting to do a colour wheel quilt as a gift for a while, and this was a nice excuse.


I’m calling the quilt “Grace” because all of the different meanings of the word fit right now. It’s about 18 x 18 inches and I made it in Ontario Canada.