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Project Quilting, Season 7, Challenge 2

The inspiration¬†for this week’s Project Quilting is Seasons. I chose the magical season of childhood. (“Savour every moment! They grow up so fast!”) Our library book bag has seen better days (yes, that’s duct tape holding it together):


So I quilted a new one this week:


The bag is approximately 16 x 16 inches, using a variety of fantastic children’s fabrics. Quilted in Ontario, Canada.


January Goal

I’m kicking off 2015’s A Lovely Year of Finishes with the goal of making two more baby bibs with my 4-year old. These two bibs will be baby gifts for a friend. My 4-year old had such fun making the bibs for his sister that he keeps asking to make more.

Getting Started

With two young boys and a third baby on the way, life often seems overwhelming and I rarely make it a priority to take care of myself. This year I’m hoping to add a little more quality time with myself into the mix, with the hope that it will help me to relax and take better care of my family. This blog is my attempt to document this effort, for better and worse.