December Finish

At the beginning of the month I made a Lovely Year of Finishes goal to complete a set of 12 bibs to give to my Little Miss for Christmas. She is 6 months old and just starting solids. After the messiness of her two older brothers, we are woefully understocked in terms of bibs.

This was my fastest finish this year! I used this pattern to work from (but omitted the food-catching snaps–at least for now).


My 4-year old took a keen interest in “helping” with the bibs, and he was quite eager to rush from one stage to the next. He helped choose which fabrics went together (I won all of the food fabrics as part of the Project Quilting Season 5 Grocery Store Challenge last year), worked the pedal while I sewed up a few of the bibs, and picked out which colour of snaps to add to each bib (typically this resulted in multicolour snaps). I also had a chance to practice my free-motion quilting (which still needs a LOT of practice).


Now to keep the Little Miss semi-clean until Christmas…


December Goal

My December Lovely Year of Finishes goal is to complete a set of 12 bibs for my Little Miss. Since she’s my third kiddo and we have more than enough toys, but my boys were super messy eaters and wore out our supply of bibs before she could get to them, she’s getting a brand new homemade set of bibs for Christmas. I found these fabrics (which I won as part of Project Quilting last year) in my stash, and thought they would be pretty much perfect for this project.


Thus far I have cut and sewn together seven of the twelve, and of these I have quilted three. I still have five to start, and the rest still need to be quilted and/or have snaps put on.

November Finish/Challenge

My November Lovely Year of Finishes goal was to complete the November Project Quilting Challenge. The challenge was to be inspired by “6 am”. Every morning at 6am on the nose, my 2 year old and 4 year old trample out of their bedroom and down the stairs. The morning begins with chaos. But before we had kids, I enjoyed the mornings. I loved waking up to the sounds of nature–birds chirping, rain pattering, green things growing… This quilt was meant to capture a bit of that.


I named it “Still” (something my mornings are definitely lacking!). It’s meant to look like looking through a window. (Maybe with a cup of tea and a good book?) It was nice to get back to quilting. We’ve been stressed for the past several months, and sick for the last few weeks. The self-care was needed and well timed. Since I’m very limited with my “me” time right now, this was a very simple little quilt. Dimensions are 21×22 inches. The “window” pattern is appliquéd onto the panel.

November Goal

I’m not getting very much time to myself these days, and even less time for quilting or other self-care activities. But I miss it. So this month I’m easing myself (slowly!) back into it. My November Lovely Year of Finishes goal is to complete the November Project Quilting challenge. The challenge is to be inspired by “6 am”. Here’s a hint about what I’m working on:


June/July Finish

At the start of July my Lovely Year of Finishes goal was to make a stack of cloth diaper wipes from old flannel pajamas. Unfortunately, my 1-month old ended up back in the hospital for emergency surgery early in the month, and my life kind of fell to pieces for much of the month. (She’s home and doing very well now, thankfully.) Thus, I did very little again this month. But not to worry, this month my goal was completed for me by my mother-in-law, who spent a day making over five dozen cloth wipes for my little girl’s tushy. (Thank you!!!!) Not only are they super soft, but they look pretty too.


My mother-in-law also got me started on my June goal (which was to convert our diaper convers from velcro to snaps), by removing all of the worn out velcro with the seamripper. I hate ripping stitches out, so this was also much appreciated. I finished the conversion by putting on the snaps.


This month was a nice lesson in asking for and accepting help. Because sometimes having a project done is more important than doing it all myself.

July Goal

My July Lovely Year of Finishes goal is to make a stack of cloth diaper wipes. Our baby girl has been struggling with a yeast infection (thanks in part to several rounds of antibiotics) which is made worse and more painful by commercial wipes. So we’re switching back to a spray solution made from water, olive oil and tea tree oil, and using cloth wipes. So far this has made a huge difference on her tushie, but we’re a little short on wipes. I have a few set of old flannel pjs that I will cut into squares and then finish the edges. (Maybe next month I’ll attempt to convert the velcro diapers into snaps–she’s still far too little to fit them anyways.)

Thank Yous

Our baby girl arrived at the beginning of June and has made it through the first month of her life. We’re home now after a three week stay in the NICU, surgery, and another short hospital stint after she was discharged. She’s still having a rough time, but we’re hopeful things will start improving again soon. In the meantime, my quilting/sewing is on hold while I spend most of my time caring for her (and my other two kiddos, who don’t get nearly enough time with me).

Over the past several months I have won a number of draws and challenges. Because of the craziness of preparing for a baby with special needs and actually having said baby, I never got a chance to make a big deal out of the generosity of people in the online quilting/sewing community. I figured it is about time I did some proper public thank yous.

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway

I won two sets of fabric through the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway in May. Rebecca at Bryan House Quilts sent me two gorgeous jelly roles. I’m hoping to use these as part of a small quilt for a silent auction fundraiser at my kiddos’ daycare this fall (though I’m questioning how realistic it will be to get it done by the fall). Michell at Michell’s Place sent me two lovely mini charm packs, which I would like to use to piece the skirt of a summer dress for our little girl.

Project Quilting

Over the Winter semester, the Project Quilting challenges made a big difference in keeping my world a little more balanced than it otherwise would have been. I enjoyed (and needed!) quilting as a distraction from all the extra stresses. I have also been incredibly lucky with draws through the Project Quilting challenges. Through the draws I have won some very beautiful hand dyed fabrics from Kim at Persimmon Dreams, a stash bag from For Quilts Sake full of lovely pink fabrics and notions (perfect for a baby girl!), and a gift certificate for quilting by Marcia of Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting (which I may need to pass along to a friend due to exorbitant costs to mail a quilt from Canada). One of my quilts was also voted the favourite for the Grocery Store Challenge, and won a cute set of fabrics with food on them (unfortunately, I can’t currently link back to this one, and can’t remember who sent me these lovely fabrics! I’ll have to update this later). I missed the June challenge, but look forward to getting back into the swing of the challenges later this summer.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I have also enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting a goal each month and following through with it, and A Lovely Year of Finishes has made this much simpler. For completing my May goal I won the draw for some pretty butterfly fabrics from Thimblepie’s Quilt Supplies. Butterflies have always been a symbol of perseverance and resilience during hard times, and this came at the most appropriate time for what we’ve been going through lately. I’m not sure what I’ll make with this fabric, but I’m looking forward to working with it. Again, I didn’t manage to complete my June goal, but this wasn’t really surprising. July might be a little more successful (or possibly not).

In sum, THANK YOU to all these generous people who have blessed me not just with fabric, but with small amounts of encouragement to keep balance in my life during an otherwise hectic time.