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Fabric Crowns

My little guys got homemade fabric crowns this week. I’ve been sick all week and taking it easy. Yesterday I had enough energy to do some sewing. So much fun!


My oldest loves his crown. He has been making himself paper crowns for the past few months, and I figured it was time he had one that wouldn’t rip. My youngest loves undoing the snaps on his crown (over and over and over).

I got the idea from a handmade prize being given away as part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. After looking around the web for a pattern, I found this tutorial (I didn’t follow their instructions for making the crown, but the crown template itself was very helpful).

My little guy is now asking for a wizard’s cape, as he’s decided he wants to be a wizard for Halloween. I think I have just enough of the star fabric to make him one that matches his crown.


Birthday Colours

Project Quilting: April Off Season Challenge This month’s Project Quilting challenge was to use the colours in Kim’s patchwork calendar quilt (posted on the challenge website) that match up with my birthday as the main colours for my quilt. My two colours were a royal purple and a bright light blue. These colours also just happened to match up with my thoughts for a good wedding present for a close friend who was married in December. This is what I came up with: DSC_0294 I tried out a couple of new techniques for this quilt (since that’s what Project Quilting is all about for me). The Love Knot is a reverse appliqué (new to me–I LOVE how it turned out and will definitely be using it again for this type of design). To quilt the chain I copied the design onto tissue paper (the kind you put in gift bags), quilted it onto the quilt, and then tore away the tissue paper. It worked much better than I expected and was much less expensive than buying rag vellum tracing paper for drafting (the closest thing to real quilting paper that I could find locally). The tissue paper didn’t move at all (I taped it down with Target’s version of Scotch tape, which is much stickier than actual Scotch tape), and most of it tore away really easily. The few pieces that stuck in the quilting were quickly and easily removed with tweezers. Hopefully my friend will enjoy this one. I put a lot of love into making it.


Project Quilting: Season Five, Challenge Two

This week’s challenge for Project Quilting was to make a quilted project entirely out of things that had a previous life as something else, and it needed to include at least two things that were not meant to be used on a quilt or clothing. Here were my materials: Image

I used the fabrics from the crib skirt that I made for my oldest kiddo (and we stopped using when it started collecting dust under the crib). My wedding bouquet is getting old and had started falling apart–I wanted to save the pieces and make something special out of them. And then I also used the rock and stick collection that we gradually accumulate as the boys bring them in after playing outside.

This is the finished project: Image

Since I have to give it a name, I’m calling it “Happily Ever After”. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a little hand quilted heart in the bottom corner. It’s going to go up in our master bedroom.